Table Mountain is a national park and is managed by South African National Parks. All areas above 152 metres fall into the park and all areas below are part of our city. Table Mountain is encircled by our city. How lucky are we to have this vast beautiful park and mountain right in the middle of our city?

One can get a 360′ view of Cape Town and the ocean from the top of the mountain. Wild animals used to roam the mountain and her slopes. Today you will see the cutest little Dassies scurrying about the top of the mountain. Driving into the city on the N2 you might be lucky to spot a Quagga – similar to a Zebra – on the slopes of the mountain.

The other attraction is the Cape Floral Kingdom which has around 8500 plant species. Approximately three quarters of these species are endemic – unique to the area. Table Mountain is a great place to view fynbos – fine bush. The mountain alone has 1470 plant species.
Picture courtesy of AVIVA

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