The night life in Cape Town pretty much happens down Long Street.

By day, Long Street, which as it happens is a very long street, is a bevy of cafes, trendy boutiques, curios, vintage and antique shops.

But at night, Long Street really comes alive. Clubs, pubs, restaurants and bars all vie for business.

One of my favourites is Zula Bar and their C.O.M.E. or Comedy on Monday Evenings. You can learn so much about the collective culture of people from stand up comedy. Find out who the line up is on their web page.

The Waterfront, Green Point, Waterkant area and sections of the city also have nocturnal activities. From the usual to the unusual. Drum cafes, jazz bars, art classes, theatre, ballet, art film houses, circuses and cocktail bars. Trawl the Time Out on-line guide. Cape Town is a featured city. Click here Time Out Cape Town.

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