No, it’s not Christmas in June, but they do look a lot like our annual Christmas lights. Adderley Street runs right down the middle of Cape Town city centre. Every year they put up Christmas lights in Adderley Street. And we take a drive to look at them.

Well now we’ve got Soccer World Cup lights to add to the festive feel. Find Cape Town’s street lights on the foreshore side of Adderley Street. It’s getting crazy here in Green Point. The mini bus taxi drivers blast away on vuvuzelas as they drive past. I know, I know! Mini-bus taxi drivers do all sorts of things they shouldn’t. Adherence to the rules of the road is not what mini-bus taxi drivers do. We mutter at them and accept it.

Newspaper vendors in the streets are in on the festival bandwagon too. They blow their vuvuzelas as they walk past. Cars are hooting for the sake of it. Cape Town is a complete riot of flags. Houses, hotels, buildings, streets and cars are ablaze with flags. It feels like everyone has going completely mad. This must surely go down as the loudest Soccer World Cup ever!
Photo courtesy of e-mail circular

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