Tonight the big game is Holland vs. Cameroon. Our Dutch guests have hung up their flags and we are still flying the two loser flags from group A.
A small group of us are going walkabout later along the fan walk. The fans are the best part of the Soccer Cup. You have to love some of the outfits that these folk put together. The Dutch fans call themselves the Oranjegektes. It’s not hard to spot the Holland supporters in unmissable bright orange getups. Yikes!
A friend returned from Amsterdam last week and she said that the streets were alive with cheers when Holland scored. And wait for it. She heard the unmistakable sound of a seriously big bunch of vuvuzelas. They are everywhere those things.
Nearly every guest arrives or leaves our place with a vuvuzela. Apparently factories in the east can’t keep up with the demand for them.

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