So Paul, the psychic octopus was right. Spain won the game. Wonder if Paul has any views on non-German matches? I would go Google his latest, if only I could. South Africa are into day 4 of an Internet wipe out. Local Internet access such as banking , e-mails and websites are all fine. But anything further than our borders produces an error message. For once we can’t blame ESKOM. This time it’s Seacom who are the culprits. In fact ESKOM have been quite well behaved lately. (My fingers are crossed as I type)

In the picture is guava roll. I’ve never seen dried fruit rolls anywhere else, so try one in your favourite fruit flavour while you are here. Do also try one of our chocolate pinotage wines. No idea how they get that rich chocolaty taste into a red wine but it is yummy. And for a local desert, you could try Malva Pudding. It’s a baked treacle type desert, usually served with custard. Maybe ice-cream with Amarula liqueur? Milk tart is a mix of egg, flour and milk, baked in a pastry and sprinkled with cinnamon. And then Peppermint Fridge Cake is a super sweet indulgence. It’s like Tiramisu but minus the coffee and sherry and with grated chocolate mint crisp in between the layers.
You should be able to find all of these in a local supermarket. Happy tasting!

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