Some soccer games are riveting and others are ho hum. The Germany vs. Argentina game was one of those exciting games. Those Germans are on form. I’m wondering if they could be the next champions. But then Holland are doing well too?
We had plans to go out last night. The traffic was so bad post the Germany vs. Argentina match that after sitting in the car for 20 minutes and hardly moving we decided to give it a miss and turned back home. One thing I won’t miss is the parking and traffic problems we have had here in Green Point.
Two stories making the news are Paris Hilton in a spot of bother over a strange cigarette and the sad story of the Congolese football legend Ndaye “Volvo” Mulamba who now works as a car guard in Cape Town. He fled his war stricken home country when his house was ransacked and his family killed. Apparently he is near destitute today.
I wish the United Nations ruled the world. I wish we all voted for each other’s governments. I wish we had a world wide community that cared for each other. That way war lords and dictators would be squashed by a majority vote and all money and welfare would be fairly divided. People judge Africa harshly but they forget that these war lords and dictators are getting money and weapons from somewhere.

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