Someone was telling me about Winston Churchill’s time in South Africa. During the time South Africa was a British colony quite a few famous Brits made their way to our shores. As mentioned in a previous post, Charles Darwin and Herbert Baker spent time in South Africa. Herbert Baker’s designs are evident around the country.

Recently during Soccer World Cup we got more famous visitors. Paris Hilton was caught/not caught with an indigenous weed. The rumour mill churns out names of celebs eyeing property in the Cape and some live locally to escape the paparazzi and lead a somewhat normal life.

Heard of Ginger Baker from the band Cream? He hides away in the Cape Winelands. Princes William and Harry have first cousins quietly living in Cape Town. And I heard Jamie Oliver mention in his latest cooking show that he had seen kids in townships eating better food than the Americans in Huntington. Rumour has it his parents have property in Cape Town. Sadie Frost mentioned how she was struck by the poverty in some areas and realised how much she takes for granted.

We don’t seem to care much who people think they are or actually are. The number of celebrity scandal mags in the UK defies belief. We just don’t have the same need to follow that sort of news. Maybe we got too much political drama keeping us on our toes? Or enough real problems?

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