We are so feeling the love here in South Africa. I will admit that up until the Soccer Cup came to South Africa, quite frankly I had no real interest in soccer. And a few months back our team was not in great shape either. I feared my heart would be broken. No more.
Our boys have pulled themselves together so smartly and you would have to be in a deep coma not to be feeling all the Soccer Cup energy here. In the picture is a local resident. And that is just a house. It’s soccer mania here.

We are all having a bit of a chuckle at the rather over the top security the international teams are insisting on. I have relatives who have been stranded in a game reserve while the Americans are being safely escorted about. Bullet proof vehicles and a plethora of machine gun toting guards are keeping us locals at bay. The British press have had a field day printing all sorts of garbage. Apparently their team might just get bitten by snakes in their rooms. I do hope the Soccer Cup finally dispels these stupid ideas that Africa is a big, bad and dangerous place.

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