Our tents drying out

Most people ask about your last holiday when you get home. I find more experienced travellers ask the most questions. Those who haven’t travelled much don’t really care much to hear about another destination. I am surprised at how many people have followed my Africa trip on this blog.

Back to travelling. We had a not too early start as we set off to Kwando campsite. There was the usual frenzied rush to get breakfasted and showered before we got moving. The journey to Kwando was short and we managed to erect our tents nice and early and have a relaxing afternoon.

What to do with a free afternoon

At Kwando camp, we were each presented with an indemnity form from the owners waiving the site of any liability if we were attacked by “wind and dangerous animals”. OK!

Sunset on the Kwando River

And there really were wild animals about. By now, the unmistakable sound of hippo grunting was ever present. Fortunately during the day they stayed in the rivers so as not to get sunburned. I wasn’t about to have a swim anyway.

There was a village tour on offer which most of the Germans took. I believe it was fun. The locals dressed up in traditional gear. They sang and danced and showed where they live. That sort of thing. Since I am South African and been on farms before, I have seen rural life.

Botswana border

I chose to relax and get some washing done. We had a great evening relaxing around the fire. The food was consistently good. We got the lotto with our guide when it came to food. We also had to use up as much food as we could as it is forbidden to take certain foods into Botswana.

Our next destination was Chobe. En route we encountered the usual friendly police road blocks to check passports, driver’s licence, permits, that sort of thing. On the Namibian side, they were very easy going. However, in Botswana, it got a whole lot trickier. Unbeknown to us tomatoes and cucumbers were on the “not allowed” list. Some heavy negotiating took place.

Eco bathroom at Chobe campsite

Chobe campsite was an absolutely amazing place. It was a mix of luxurious cabins and camping. That said, it was marred by a mix up with regard to our camping spot. I still don’t know what happened. We thought we booked a particular spot and a party of South Africans seemed to think they had booked there. A huge argument ensued and I am not proud to say I had a fair part in it. These Saffas would not leave the site despite it being patently obvious we were desperate to get set up so we could do a river cruise.

All I can say is that I was so ashamed to be South African in front of the Germans. But the Germans also had a turn to hang their heads when we were at Victoria Falls airport. Some Germans casually shoved in front of us with no shame at all. Hey, you get them.

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