Table Bay shimmers in full moonlight

One thing I missed when I was away, was the moon. Our great sunshine weather means we frequently have clear skies, hence great views of the moon. In the picture you can see the moon is so bright, the water in the bay is glowing. Some say Cape Town is the second city of light. I would go with that.

A drive up Signal Hill is a perfect way to watch either a sunset or the moon rising. Or both. On a full moon night you could join the hoards and do the hike up Lion’s Head. But be prepared to share the mountain with the crowds that are all clamouring to bask in the full moon too.

 To see the stars up close and personal, head for Sutherland in the Karoo. It’s home to one of the world’s biggest planetariums and the unspoilt beauty of the Karoo is a treat. It’s the place we all think of when it gets cold.

An easier way to see the stars, even in the middle of the day, is to venture to our local planetarium. The brightest star in the heavens is Sirius and you can spot Sirius on a clear night. For more on the Cape Town planetarium and other local museums. Google IZIKO to find a list of local museums.

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