We can expect another onslaught of orange on the streets tonight. It’s the first of the semi finals. We’re off to do the fan walk again and will watch the game at Casa Little Brazil. Loads of people are knocking on the door wanting accommodation. One must assume their being here is a last minute decision and that is why they have not pre-booked a place to stay.
I’ve been reading other blogs on the soccer and some people have complained about accommodation. Since we are residents of Cape Town and run a B and B, I can only speak from our perspective.
Most of our guest are a pleasure and we enjoy their take on the soccer. But I will say that the two Canadians who had a food fight in the room and left food and gravy all over the walls and doors was not cool. Oh and the same two spilt red nail polish on the bed linen and carpet. They didn’t appear to bath or shower in three days, wore the same grotty underwear and when they checked out we had to seriously air the room to get rid of their smell. I only wish we could tell what guests will be like in advance.
A sort of blacklist one could refer to.
I sometimes think that one day I should write my version of a B & B Babylon and tell some of the things guests get up to. Would people want to know?

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