South Africans tend to drink their beers chilled and lagers prevail. The brewing industry is pretty much monopolised by South African Breweries. They are a mighty lot. In 2002 they acquired Millers, the 2nd largest beer in the USA by volume, and relocated the brand to South Africa.
Micro breweries do exist but nothing like they do in Britain. In the photo are some of the ales found in Britain. You have got to love the names they give them. Bishops Finger, Black Sheep, Thirsty Ferret and Seven Giraffes are not unusual names.
South African beers to try are the SAB brands but you can also visit Mitchell’s Brewery at the Waterfront for one of their draughts. Our local Zulu Blonde beer won the Wetherspoons award for best beer this last year. That deserves a try too.

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