Our garden just before a party

This blog started almost by mistake. I had been trying to teach myself to create web pages from a DVD. Not a recommended way to learn such an intricate skill! Around that time my husband suggested I start a blog about the 2010 Soccer World Cup to get a bit of practice.

When I look back at older blog posts I cringe. They are awful – but – they are part of the progress of this blog. The focus shifted over time from Soccer Cup to Cape Town and writing about things guests at our B and B would ask. As we traveled more and more I started to include posts on our trips and holidays.

Our house

Whenever I read a travel feature in a magazine, it seems more like a novel to me than a feature. They always set a scene and a huge amount of effort goes into talking about ambiance. I don’t want romantic backdrops. I want to know stuff like what to do and where to go. How much things cost and most importantly, how to travel on a budget.

Many travel writers are staying for free at swanky places and are obliged to say good things. People ask us how we are able to travel so much? It’s becasue we don’t stay at the places travel writers wax lyrical about. We always travel on the cheap. And so this blog evolved into writing about what I would want to find in a travel feature.

Our kitchen

I have been posting every week on this blog for a while now and have every intention of building up a big fat archive of hopefully useful, on-line information about our travels.

However I have to take a short break. Won’t be too long. There is still plenty to write about.

We have sold our house/guest house and will be putting our possessions into storage for a bit. We heading back to Europe to get my husband’s boat back in the water. See his boating blog – on this link.

We need a smaller lock-up-and-go home that is consistent with our current lifestyle.

Our living area

As soon as we get back to South Africa and settled into our new home (a semi-detached house two houses down the road) the weekly blog posts will resume. The plan is to take the next decade (or two) and see the inland waterways of Europe on our boat.

And there is always more to say on my home city – Cape Town. We’re the world design capital for 2014. Read about that here.

Without the guest house we will have way more time to explore our home country. And more time for our blogs too.

You can visit the Greenie archives to read up about older trips and travels by following – this link.

Back soon.


Go to – My Holidays and Trips – at the top of this page to read about other places we have visited. Or just click on – this link.

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