There are fearsome mythological creatures from all over the world. Scotland has it’s monster in Loch Ness. The Yeti stalks the Himalayas. Trolls hide under bridges in Scandinavia and dragons slay people in the east.

We have our own scary monster too. He is called Tokoloshe. He is reputed to be a small, hairy ape like creature. He can be bothersome, even harmful. Some people in the villages still sleep with their beds on bricks or blocks so they are high enough to escape Tokoloshe at night.

People will swear they have seen him although it’s supposed to be bad luck to admit such a thing. If a person is highly superstitious they will often get a talisman from the Sangoma (local shaman) to protect them from Tokoloshe.

Sangomas also throw the bones and read them to predict the future. If you want an African version of a tarot reading or local herbs (muti) for an ailment then arrange to meet the local Sangoma.

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