Soccer is my latest passion and watching it takes up a fair amount time now. It’s so much fun reading news and sharing views with “like-minded” people. But last night I got up and walked away from the Spain vs. Chile game.
One commentator said that red cards are the new yellow cards. These referees are stifling the games with their liberal dishing out of cards. The Chilean guy who was red carded, barely tapped the Swiss guy’s foot. Enthusiasm is being penalised harshly.
But the last 10 minutes of the game are what really annoyed me. The Spanish team slowly passed the ball back and forth and the Chileans made no effort whatsoever to play the game. Why bother? Now to my mind that sort of play is deserving of a red card. But then what do I know?
Visitors to Cape Town – be alert! The brightest star in our heavens is visible here. Sirius can be found by looking for Orion’s belt. It’s in line with the belt and is obviously the brightest star. Make a wish.

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