In the picture are people playing boules. We went to the Bastille festival in Franschoek for the weekend. Franschoek is where the French Hugenots migrated long ago to live. I’ve got something to say.
Franschoek is a breathtakingly beautiful part of the world. Well worth the drive out. Our accommodation was excellent value and comfortable. The main road was festive and most of the shops and staff were decorated in French colours.
The R100 ticket for the tastings was not worth the money. We got a freebie sherry sized glass and a voucher for only 5 tastings. The tastes were tastes. If we got a full glass of tastes in total, it was a lot. The marquee was way too full. The crowds were reminiscent of a Friday after work at London Victoria before a bank holiday long weekend. My advice, skip the tastings, splash out on a good bottle of your own bubbly and have a picnic soaking in the scenery and festivities.
As for the restaurants that Franschoek is so famous for. I have more to say. If you are happy to part with R300 odd per head and have not more than a tea cup in volume of food, then go for it. I could have done without the fluff and fuss and had a proper plate of food. But then what do I know?

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