12 O’Clock noon gun on Signal Hill

Today, it’s exactly 60 days to go to the 2010 Soccer World Cup here in Cape Town.

Last night they had another practise game at Cape Town Soccer Stadium. There were so many police and security vehicles about that the area had a blue glow. Even the heavens had helicopters zipping back and forth.

In the picture is where the Noon Gun is fired by the South African Navy every day, except Sundays, at 12 o’clock midday. Long ago they had cannons all around the circumference of Signal Hill. As a ship sailed in and passed a cannon, a signal would be fired. That was how they knew when a ship was coming and how close it was to Table Bay Harbour.

Some people go up to watch the cannon being fired. It’s loud enough here in Green Point so I can only imagine how loud it must be next to the cannon. There is a museum at the V and A Waterfront for enthusiasts who want to know more about our canons and the Noon Gun.

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