Local flower

The really handy thing about living in Cape Town is that I get to read local news and experience new venues and events. Often first hand. It makes for easy access to news and ideas for blog posts. But every now and again I come across something on the net or elsewhere that inspires me. Something a bit different.

Today’s post is frankly useless information. But interesting never the less. The following bigger, better or mosts are found only in South Africa: –

Largest land mammal – elephant
Smallest mammal – least dwarf shrew
Tallest – giraffe
Biggest bird – ostrich
Fastest mammal – cheetah
Largest reptile – leather back turtle
Largest fish – white shark

For more useless information on South Africa and to hear the actual sounds of the bush at night, the cry of a fish eagle or a lion roar follow this link ZAR. You can also listen to local music and hear a few words in Zulu or Afrikaans. For more local trivia visit this post – slang and diski dancing or this one – funny place names.

And a final piece of trivia is that Cape Town celebrates her birthday on 2nd April. She will be 359 years old and if you’re in Cape Town, head to the castle for her birthday party.
Photo courtesy Ed Scott

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