The game last night between England and Algeria was rather lacklustre. Gives me hope for Bafana Bafana. I was in the thick of it at the FIFA Fan Park at the Grand Parade. The Grand Parade is where the British used to line up in full military regalia for their parades. These days it has a parking lot on the side nearest the castle and the other side near the bus terminus is where informal vendors have their stalls. That’s when it is not a Fan Park.
The Fan Walk was alive with … you guessed it … vuvuzelas. The foreign fans have taken to them with as much enthusiasm as locals. I saw a really long one that had been modified to make different notes. So long, two guys were carrying it. They were selling vuvu variations at multicoloured coloured stalls along with other items such as padlocks, local fast food, funny hats and raincoats. There were also buskers, dancers and singers along the route. Vuvuzelas have taken over. They are even hanging from the ceiling in the office in the picture. They’re everywhere.
Photo courtesy of P Gillespie

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