It’s all over! Spain are the champions and so are we. We pulled off a great 2010 Soccer World Cup. Yeehah!
I was indifferent to who would win the final but when Holland got going with dirty tackles I felt it would be wrong for them to win. I have an old fashioned sense that goodies must win and baddies must lose. The fair play award went to Spain. The awards for the most fouls and most yellow cards went to Holland.
Imagine winning those awards? I can see now that Suarez plays in Holland and Forlan plays in Spain.

The theme for this Soccer Cup was to welcome the world back home. The skull of Mrs Ples, believed to be 2.15 million years old, was discovered at the Cradle of Humankind which is now a World Heritage Site not far from Pretoria. Apparently the origins of humankind are in South Africa. The first tools, the first fire, all the firsts happened in Africa.
I love the way Rian Malan describes it here, when he says; “Foreigners think we are nuts, coming back to a doomed city on a damned continent, but there is something you do not understand: it is boring where you are.” I couldn’t have said it better myself.
Picture courstesy P Gillespie

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