In the picture is the new improved Cape Town Central Train Station.
Yet another day of limited internet access for some of us here in South Africa. Affected internet service providers are scrambling to jump aboard with other providers who have spare capacity. The good news, so they tell us, is the Seacom cable will be fixed by next week. Make sure your provider doesn’t use Seacom if you’re heading this way.

Now, I am not meaning to be unkind when I say this but some visitors look so obviously strange. It could be that visitors to Africa feel they need to bring everything but the kitchen sink with them. Just in case.
But … we can’t help but notice people walking about in outfits with a million pockets and zips that can carry it all at once. These outfits usually come in khaki or a camouflage colour and these same visitors walk around with GPS, Swiss army knife, spare tissues, food bars, super duper cameras and God knows what all else.
The sheer weight must be exhausting.
I know that parts of Africa and even parts of South Africa can be rustic. But in big cities like Cape Town we do have food and toilet paper. It’s not necessary to bring it all and carry it all here.

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