The Cape Doctor blows white horses and spray – Milnerton

The infamous Cape Doctor is a south east wind that howls over Cape Town lifting trash out the bins and ladies skirts up around their ears. It’s arrival heralds the beginning of summer.

Come the end of summer, the north wester takes over and that marks our winter season. The days immediatley following the Cape Doctor are perfect – warm to hot and calm. It’s a cycle, a day or two of wind, followed by days of beautiful weather. Lucky us.

Why is it called the Cape Doctor? It clears away any pollution or dust that accumulates in the city. Which is probably why World + Leisure named Cape Town as one of the cities with the cleanest air in the world.

The BBC weather site reckons we get 11 hours of sunshine a day. You can see why Cape Town ticks the boxes for a perfect summer holiday destination.

So head for a Blue Flag beach or take a day out and hike one of our beautiful mountains where our unique fynbos can be seen. Definitely pack a picnic and enjoy your meal al fresco. Just don’t do it on a blustery day.

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