In the photos are whales frolicking in the bay. Whales come to give birth to their calves here in winter and the shoulder months. The bay becomes full of whales and baby whales. There are also seals, dolphins, penguins, sharks and plenty bird life. A boat trip around the bay is the perfect way to see our beautiful coastline, the mountains from afar and local marine life. The waterfront has a good selection of boat trips or you can head out to Simonstown or Gordon’s Bay to find a boat excursion. Visit the Dyer Island Conservation Trust for what work they do with sea creatures and their tours – Dyer Island Conservation Trust. They also have a great photo gallery.

Whale tails

On the subject of drinking tap water. Tap water in Cape Town is safe to drink. Read here for the SA Tourism report Blue Drop report on tap water in South Africa. Since we run a guest house we are always amazed at how many people insist on drinking bottled water and how much they throw away untouched or barely consumed.

Refilling a spent water bottle a few times helps to reduce garbage. Tap water is often purer than bottled water, since bottled water is frequently found to have contaminates. We use water filters on our taps and allow the water to stand in a glass jug so the chlorine can evaporate. Personally I think that is the best water.

South Africa is a water scarce country. We do have water restrictions every now and again. People from water rich countries probably don’t know what it’s like not to be able to water a garden or wash a car. Don’t try it, if we are having restrictions, you may get a fine.
Photographs Katja Vinding Petersen

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