Last night’s game between Holland and Uruguay was scrappy and the play was muddled. I was expecting more from Holland. This is coming from a brand new expert on soccer.
I have an axe to grind with Uruguay so I was rooting for Holland. But then I would say almost all of the locals and most fans were also on Holland’s side.
Casa Little Brazil was cancelled! Looks like, if the Brazilians can’t win, then they go home. All the South Americans are out of the Soccer Cup now. Paul the psychic octopus says Spain will win tonight. Let’s see.

I was watching the RMS St Helena sail into Table Bay this morning. She has been the only link between the isle of St Helena and the outside world for years. They have no harbour and no airport on St Helena. The RMS St Helena is the last boat to still carry the title RMS. It looks like the St Helena is steaming the wrong way. Even though I have lived in Green Point for a while, I still struggle to get my head around the idea that when I look out to sea, I am facing north. Cape Town faces north rather than south. It’s complicated. You need to look at a map to understand.

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