Where to eat in Cape Town? There are eateries galore in Cape Town. Being a coastal city seafood is big. The Malay influence extends to curries. And South Africans love their meat. “Rys, vleis en aartappels” – rice meat and potatoes – is the mantra here. Steak houses abound and I am told our steaks rival the Aberdeen Angus and Argentinian meat. I can’t speak on this as I am a vegetarian. The local favourite is the Spur steakhouse chain. Excellent value.
My favourite deli is Giovanni’s on Main Road in Green Point. Their food is to die for, as are their coffees. When I want restaurant food but can’t be bothered to go out, I go on-line and order from Mr Delivery. They will even bring a pint of milk with your food.
A good wine guide is John Platter and the two eating guides are Eating Out and Dining Out.www.johnplatterguide.com or www.eatout.co.za or www.dining-out.co.za 

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