I am leaving Cape Town for 3 and 1/2 months. I love travelling but I always miss my home city so very much. I will keep the blog going but from the perspective of the differences between Cape Town and wherever I am. Most of my time will be spent in Scotland, Ireland, Wales and England

I know even before I go that I will miss the friendliness of  South African people. I will miss blue skies and sunshine. I will miss our perfect avocados and the sound of the Hadeda flying overhead. I will miss our funky vibrant city with it’s mix of cultures and customs. I will miss family and friends. I will miss being able to use local slang and people can understand me. Most of all I will miss the way that South Africans just get on and get a thing done. That no nonsense attitude we have.

What I am not looking forward to is immigration at Heathrow. I can’t begin to count how many South Africans have had awful experiences there. The word Africa on our passports predisposes us to overly harsh treatment. If some of those UK Border Control officers had to visit here they might well find that we don’t all want to come and live in the UK. We only want to visit. Our visit could be enhanced by a friendly welcome. But then what do I know?

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