Hadeda Ibis

Last night’s match between Germany and Uruguay reinforced just how Africans feel about “that” double hand ball. The rain bucketed down and so did the boos on Luis Suarez. Sports journalists have said we are small minded and petty and that we should move on. It’s not even so much about the double hand ball. It’s the way Suarez so obviously relishes his actions and lacks any remorse or sensitivity to us at all that leaves me feeling a bit – no come on? The Irish amongst us will understand.

In the picture is a Hadeda Ibis. Hadedas are prolific in South Africa and Africa. This bird makes expats weep when they hear it. It’s the sound of Africa. It’s the sound of home. They cry out something similar to haa haa ha de dah when they fly overhead. Hence their name. When they are not flying and making a hellava noise they can be found scavenging for worms, snails or insects in the ground.

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