With the advent of the New South Africa came a brand new constitution and legislation. Much time and effort was put into getting us off to a great start and so South Africa has some of the most fair and progressive laws in the world. Same sex marriages, polygamy and polyandry are permitted here.

Our president Jacob Zuma is a proud polygamist and has three wives and 20 children at present. Our neighbour, King Mswati 3rd of Swaziland, is ahead of him with 6 wives and over 20 children.

The president of Dubai, Mohamed bin Rashid Al Maktoum lists a senior wife, a junior wife and 19 children. He is reputed to have wives in between the two that are mentioned. In America Joseph Smith, founder of the Mormons, had a few dozen wives.

King Solomon and many others in the bible had a good few wives too. In Asia a second “wife” is taken as a concubine.

The good news – it’s all OK here in South Africa. And we don’t discriminate, woman are free to join in and have multiple husbands too. Now how many countries can say that?

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