Woke up to a treat this morning. In the picture is a whale. Maybe two? You have to look carefully in the lower middle area of the water and you will see what looks like a dark rock, but it’s blowing water. Whales are not that easy to spot.

The outcome of the British journalist Simon Wright, mentioned a few posts back, is that he paid an admission of guilt fine. He was allegedly involved in the incident where a fan was found trespassing at Cape Town’s soccer stadium. It has been felt that some journalists went to any lengths to discredit South Africa and the Soccer World Cup. This could have been one of those instances. The trial never went ahead so we will never know the truth.
I have to ask, isn’t there enough good news out there? But then, what do I know?

France have had a complete re-shuffle of their football management. The French attitude to bad behaviour resonates with me. Good on them.  I’m keeping their flag up for a while longer.

Meanwhile the Dutch are still moaning about the outcome of the final game. We watched the re-run last night and it’s way less stressful when you know the end result. I think the Dutch must accept they got off lightly. Yes, the ref missed errors from Spain but he overlooked way more from Holland. We must all move on.
It’s only a game. Besides, the best revenge in life is … success.

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