This Soccer World Cup has been characterised by upset wins, suspect red card callings, temper tantrums and revolting teams. Or is that rather, teams revolting.
What’s going on?
If the French have a mutiny we stand to gain as Bafana Bafana are set to play them next. And if the French team refuse to train, do they offer to forgo some of their pay commensurate with their lack of input? In my world, if I turned my nose up at a job, a boss could fire me. One can’t help but wonder if these players have a real grievance or if their perceived value allows them to feel entitled to bad behaviour. Is bad behaviour ever justified, particularly if you are a representative of your country? But then what do I know?
Meanwhile back in Cape Town the city council skilled up some of it’s employees for life. Metro police were put on a 6 week course to learn conversational Spanish, Portuguese and German so they can assist visitors. And taxi drivers were taken on to learn how to drive the new My Citi busses.
It’s raining today unfortunately but the forecast for the rest of the week shows a return to the sunny weather we have been enjoying.

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